The 10 Commandments of College Football Fandom

priestGiven the constant struggle of of Good vs Evil you may find yourself being pulled down the path of tailgate darkness- but don’t give in, there is hope… Follow the list below very carefully, that is If you don’t want to find yourself in tailgate hell. Continue Reading »

The Postgame Tailgate

nightWe’ve all been there. You set aside an entire, glorious weekend day. Arrive at the stadium hours before game time and enjoy a spectacular tailgate as the sun reaches its highest point in the sky. Head into the stadium, cheer until you’re so hoarse you can no longer speak. Just a few short hours later, after thrilling victory or crushing defeat, there’s little else to do aside from returning to the parking lot, spending three hours moving a total of 200 feet, and nosing the car out of the parking lot before heading back home. Unless of course, when you find your car again after that draining and exhausting game, there’s another tailgate waiting there for you. Continue Reading »

Add Some Cajun Flair To Your Tailgate

NOLO_GuideWhat we love about New Orleans food isn’t a secret: It’s fiery, it’s hearty and it’s passionate. And many Americans feel pretty much the same way about football. So it is only natural to assume that they coincide. But how exactly do you host a tailgate inspired by the soulful city of New Orleans? Continue Reading »

12 Greener & Healthier Grilling Tips

Healthy_GrillThat primordial game-day ritual, that spirit-forging flash of flame and heat, the food that sustains the masses through soul-draining experiences, can be made in a way that is better for us and our entire team – on Earth. Continue Reading »

2013 College Football Ultimate Tailgating Checklist

From our friends at The Bleacher Report

psu-tailgateCollege football is just a few short weeks away. So, what better time than the present to prepare your ultimate tailgate? Continue Reading »

Top Five Tools For Grilling Like A Pro

WeberGrill(NAPSI)Tailgaters are a serious crowd, particularly when it comes to their traditions, their team and above all their food. For many, a key to preparing memorable food ,whether its for friends and family in the backyard or for a crowd at the stadiumis having the right tools, starting with the right grill. In fact, according to the 24th annual Weber GrillWatch Survey, grill owners who tailgate say the top must-have item for a proper tailgate party is a grill (82 percent), followed by food (80 percent) and a cooler (80 percent). Continue Reading »

5 Ingredients for the Perfect Tailgating Playlist

Emoticon DJ

Tailgating season is right around the corner, so why not start gearing up? And why not start with the music? After all, cranking some feel-good tailgate tuneage is one of the best ways to prepare for parking lot parties, BBQpaloozas, and all things football related. And a fun playlist is the key ingredient most people forget when they’re ironing out details for their pre-game bash. Continue Reading »

Vote For The South’s Best Tailgate

SL_BestSouthern Living magazine announced the top schools for tailgating in the South and they are giving you the opportunity to vote for your favorite. Continue Reading »